Groundhog Trapping & Removal

Groundhog Trapping & Removal Services

Our Groundhog Trapping & Removal services offer professional assistance in managing groundhog issues with consistency and results. These services employ skilled technicians who are well-versed in the habits and behaviors of groundhogs, ensuring the most effective trapping and removal methods. Groundhog Trapping & Removal services also provide valuable advice on preventing future infestations and securing properties against potential damages caused by these burrowing creatures, by sealing off potential areas where they can possibly invade.

Our Unique Approach To Groundhog Control Services

We follow a routine and effective approach everytime when dealing with groundhogs or any other pest problem you may be experiencing.

1. Inspection

A licensed technician will inspect your property for groundhogs, and identify any other potential pests or potential problems/variables on the property.

2. Recommended course of action and estimate

Recommendations will be made, and an estimate for services will be provided onsite or soon after initial inspection.

3. trapping, removal, and sealing off work

Typically, we’ll do a one week (5-day, Monday thru Friday) regiment of trapping and removal of any groundhogs we are able to trap and remove, and over the course of the 5-day regiment, find and seal off any burrows or any other potential points of pest entry. In the rare event, we are not successful in removing the existing issue from your property, we’ll provide a couple extra days the following week as a courtesy to make sure it will no longer be an issue going forward.

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